SOSCharger–great for emergencies

We’ve all been there… in middle of an important conversation to realize we have 2% battery… car broken down on the side of the road and your phone is dead… ..need to make an emergency call and no outlet to use to charge your phone assuming you even have the cable with you to do so… well now these  things won’t be issues.


A recent device on the market called the SOSCharger has a 1,500mAh Lithium Polymer battery built into it. The SOSCharger is a self-powered and completely portable iPhone and smart phone charger. Most other hand-crank products on the market don’t put out a whole lot of power, which can be a problem in an actual emergency. The charger works with any modern phone or product that uses the standard or micro USB power source.


To use the SOSCharger to charge a device you simply crank the handle on the charger. 3-5 minutes of winding will give you a range from 5-12 minutes of talk time. The charger can also be plugged into an outlet using the same method you would use to normally charge your phone which turns it into a battery backup solution as well.

The SOSCharger is easy to use and has been tested extensively.


You may not see how this device could be important or might be thinking “my phone never dies”. Well, in all seriousness this could be an amazing tool to have during a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, etc. You could keep it in the car for roadside emergencies; in your camping backpack for hiking if you get lost or need medical help; in your suitcase for vacations; the list is endless.

The SOSCharger is listed on and always looking for donations. The product will start rolling out officially in about 43 days and the vast majority of product should hit shelves in August 2013. The average price for one of these chargers is a mere $25.

For more information on this product check it out here: SOSCharger

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