NSA uses apps on your smartphone to spy on you.

Everyone knows by now the Edward Snowden is the former NSA employee contractor that leaked documents detailing inner workings of NSA spying.

New documents leaked suggest the spy agencies have a powerful ally in many of the popular apps you use on your smartphones including Angry Birds and other such apps.

Documents were published Monday by The New York Times, the Guardian, and ProPublica. They suggest the mapping, gaming, and social networking apps which are common features on smartphones have been sending huge amounts of personal data, including location information and details such as political affiliation or sexual orientation.

Of course no one really knows how much information they have collected. We do know they get routine access to Google Maps, and again for some odd reason Angry Birds. Why Angry Birds? Who knows? Seems ridiculous that they could spy on someone using applications and they chose Angry Birds. Thank goodness they haven’t started monitoring Candy Crush.

What does this spying via apps mean? It means that anyone using Google Maps on a smartphone is working in support of a GCHQ system, this according to a document from the British eavesdropping agency.

NSA claims in an article on Yahoo News that anyone who is not a “valid foreign intelligence target’ is of no interest to the agency, and GCHQ said all of its activities were “authorized, necessary, and proportionate”.

Some other apps being monitored, which should come as no surprise, are: Facebook, Flickr and Flixster.

In short, you should always be careful of what you say and do because you never know who is watching. Not that this will stop anyone because most of us aren’t doing anything illegal, BUT you never know how the government may take something you write or do.

Can I have my old school Nokia back now?

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