New business opportunities with Foursquare

Many people are familiar with Foursquare, but for those who aren’t  it is a social platform that helps you make the most of where you are. You can use this app on your computer, iPhone, Android or Blackberry. You can type in your location and what you’re looking for such as ‘coffee’. The app will display on a map all coffee related businesses in the area so you might ask how this is different from using Google or Maps. Well Foursquare gives you the options to redefine your searches by giving you the option to see places that:

        • a) You’ve never been to
        • b) You have been to before
        • c) Your friends have been to  or
        • d) have Foursquare specials.

coffee search

Foursquare allows you to check in anywhere and has always been a great tool for discovering new locations. Now Foursquare is taking it up a level and not only helping consumers but now helping merchants in a new way.


Foursquare’s new function is great for small businesses. December 6 they launched the option for merchants to add their own special events. Previously, it just allowed members to check in to major sporting events, movies, or concerts.

They have started this idea to help businesses better promote their unique offerings. Events also allow customers to share, via check in, that they’re not just visiting a venue, but experiencing something special like a book signing.

Foursquare’s goal is to give business owners a whole suite of business tools that will allow them to communicate better with customers when they’re nearby. Sort of like a mobile version of a sandwich board.


They already have 25 million registered users, so this could be a great new thing to start using to help advertise your business, or to help discover a new place- Foursquare covers it all.


–Article written by Ashley Helms, Social Media Specialist for My IT People.

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