9 really cool tech gifts under $100

So it’s nearing Christmas but with the new year approaching it also means a lot of birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and a slew of other reasons to give people a gift. Most lists will have items like iPod’s, tablets, and more really expensive gifts. These 12 gadgets listed below are awesome, unique, and all under $100. These items below are recommended by David Pogue of the New York Times.


Monopoly, the Zapped Edition. 

This edition of Monopoly runs roughly $25. In this edition there’s no paper money, instead you put your iPhone or iPad in the middle of the board and each player gets a fake credit card. You pay or collect money from the bank electronically just by placing your card briefly on the touch screen. The Community Chest and Chance cards require you to play mini-games on the touch screen, sometimes against your opponents. The app to bring the game to life is free and is relatively easy to figure out, however doesn’t work on the iPad Mini. The rules of the game are the same, it’s just a nice, cheap and unique way to play an old classic.


The Zooka Bluetooth Speaker.

These speakers run right at about $100. Zooka speakers are basically the same as many other Bluetooth speakers but with a little twist. They’re designed like a foot-long tube, made of hard silicone rubber and come in eight different colors with a speaker at each end. There’s a slot running down the Zooka’s length which allows it to wedge on the the edge of a tablet or laptop. When you’re watching a movie this design allows the soundtrack to emerge from the screen as it should and not from off to the side or wherever the Bluetooth speaker is. There is also a cutout in the cneter so that the tube doesn’t block your laptop or tablet’s camera and a pull-out foot that lets the Zooka prop up your entire tablet as if it were a stand.

For items that don’t have the Bluetooth feature no worries- there’s a miniplug input so you can connect sound sources that lack Bluetooth.


CardNinja Cellphone Case.

The CardNinja is $18, holds cash and credit cards, comes in an array of colors and is a stretchy-silky backpack for your cellphone. It’s purpose is to reduce the amount of stuff you have to carry around be eliminating the wallet. The CardNinja attaches to the back of the phone with strong adhesive backing. You can fit about eight cards in there plus cash.

This is great for someone on the go, or if you’re going to a place where you can’t carry a purse, something along those lines. Not recommended for people who are constantly losing their phones though!


Pop Bluetooth Handset.

The Pop Bluetooth phone handset is roughly $50. It’s a full-sized handset minus the cord and comes in a variety of colors. The handset connects to your cellphone over Bluetooth. I’ve been told this is good for people trying to multi-task. With the handset they can cradle it between their chin and the neck the old fashion way while trying to do the dishes. I’m not really sure but they seem to be pretty popular. Great gift for those who never wanted to move into the cellphone age.


PowerTrip Charger.

The PowerTrip charger runs about $100. The charger is roughly the size of a deck of cards.    The PowerTrip charger is a battery backup for your electronic devices. In order to charge it the device itsself can plug into a wall outlet, a computer’s USB jack or even the sun. How?  Because there’s a solar panel on the back for topping off the charge.

This backup battery has 6,000 milliamps which is enough to recharge an iPad once or a smartphone up to four times. The PowerTrip only needs to be charged itsself once a week or even less if it’s often exposed to sunlight. There’s a gauge on the side of the device that shows you how much charge remains.

The device also acts as a flash drive with four, eight or 16 GBs of storage for use with your laptop or whatever other device you have it plugged into. You can charge any device that would normally plug in a computer’s USB jack. The PowerTrip charger comes with three cords of it’s own: the traditional 30 pin Apple connector for iPods, iPads, Touch, and older versions of iPhones, a mini-USB and a micro USB. This is an awesome, awesome, awesome gift.


Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Pillow.

The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Pillow ranges from $38-$50 and is just what it sounds like: a regular, 20-by-26 inch, washable pillow. The pillow has a soft brushed cover and hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. What makes it different are the two compact speakers inside and a very long cord.

When the speakers are in the pillow you don’t feel them. The idea is that you can drift to sleep with music playing. You plug the cord into your phone or other music device. This pillow can also be used to listen to music in bed without disturbing a sleeping partner. You can easily removed the speakers from the pillow when you want to wash it and the speakers can be used on your phone or laptop even without the pillow.


Tagg Pet Tracker.

The Tagg Pet Tracker runs about $100. The tracker snaps onto you dog or cat’s collar(non metal), and allows you to track you pet’s wanderings via a GPS system. If the animal leaves the yard or any “geofence” you create, the tag sends you a text message allowing you to use the pettracker.com site to find your pet again on a map via your phone or computer.

This pet tracker also has a motion sensor which generates daily or weekly reports on how much exercise yoru animal is getting. The tracker is water-resistant and if the battery runs low the transmitter sends you a text to alert you of that as well. One charge lasts roughly a month.

The service used to track you pet is $8/month and $1/month for any additional pet and there’s no commitment so you can start and stop service whenever. This is a great gift for people who are gone a lot during the day or have pets who are constantly getting out of their fences.


The Leash Camera Strap.

The Leash is about $25. The Leash is an attempt to combine all straps ever into one ultra versatile sling. It’s based around Kevlar and resin anchors which are little strings with buttons which connect to the strap itself. The anchors clip into the corresponding slots on the strap-ends and form a sturdy, secure tether.

The strap can be doubled in length as well. If you’re looking for something smaller they have a strap called the Cuff. This allows for you to hook the anchors to your wrist. If you want both straps the total package is roughly $40.


Prank Packs.

Every family has a prankster. If you happen to be that one then this is the gift for you that will probably bring you the most joy when others open it. Prank Packs run about three for $20. They’re the boxes for funny, awful, but scarily plausible products that don’t really exist. Inside of course is the gift you really plan on giving and not this crazy


The example they have listed is the “Crib Dribbler”.

51hN9NI12cL._SL500_AA300_The Crib Dribbler looks like a giant water bottle, like the one on side of hamster cages, but for baby cribs. “With the Crib Dribbler feeding system, baby will have the alone time it needs, and its parents can enjoy some quiet time without having to tend to a hungry baby. For use with milk, formula, stew and cocoa.”

The products even provide priceless testimonials! These Prank Packs can be bought at www.prankpack.com

Some of the other items listed on the site are: Pet Sweep, Extreme Chores, Bathe and Brew, iDrive, Wake & Back Griddle, iArm, and Toe Tunes.


–Article written by Ashley Helms, Social Media Specialist for MyITPeople.com

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