The New Myspace–bigger, better, and here to stay!


Myspace… why am I hearing about that old thing again? Well, turns out Myspace has completely revamped themselves and looking like they’re ready to stay this time.

The new Myspace is not so much the social network platform it used to be, but more music oriented.

The new design of Myspace is amazing. Very appealing, eye catching, and impressive. As one reviewer said, your new profile doesn’t look like much but once you start to ‘discover’, ‘search’ and ‘connect’ it becomes a whole new page.

This is by far one of the easiest searching methods I’ve ever tried to find music. It’s great for finding that song you heard on the radio but didn’t catch all of it, or discovering something new!


There are so many great new features on Myspace I can’t even begin to name them all.

And! It’s not just for musicians. This is great for photographers, filmmakers, designers, entertainers, DJs, producers, writers, promoters, comedians, and fans of all kinds!

If you have written Myspace off like most of us have, I’m telling you, it’s worth checking out again, especially if you’re into creativity, music, and entertainment. They definitively got it right this time.


Rebuilt. Redesigned. Reinvented.

New Myspace


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